The Lunar Chicks Collective: Sally Mustang

2016 marks the inception of the Lunar Chicks Collective- a celebration of women (Artists, Designers, Models and Innovators) embodying individuality, creativity, confidence and insatiable curiosity. These women, though boasting varied backgrounds, professions and lifestyles, are the personification of what it means to live an authentic life as a free spirit.

To celebrate the initiative, we decided to delve into the world of a few of our favorite modern bohemians through a series of intimate interviews, allowing us to explore each woman’s own interpretation of individuality, self awareness and what it means to be confident in your own identity.

She’s the salty haired, sun kissed face of a new breed of free spirited individuals: Artist, yogi, lover, trailblazer, modern day gypsy, vagabond spirit. As Sally Mustang expands her influence in the digital world, we reached out to chat about her modern day Woodstock lifestyle, breaking down boundaries and how in a world that’s constantly trying to shape her, she is able to live free.

Your Instagram tells a story of living life very much in the moment. How to you maintain a sense of total presence without letting past or future factors affect you?

I like to live each day as it comes. We all have some sort of routine, but I like to start my day watching the sunrise then some exercise, but it can be wherever and be doing whatever. For a while I was just gypsying around, staying at friends, catching rides up the coast etc., this really helped me embrace that term -taking it as it comes- you can’t get too caught up in the future. I’m available for life to happen to me.

What would be a typical day in the life of Sally Mustang, and what would be a dream day?

I watch the sunrise nearly every day; it’s my way to watch the world light up. The sun is actually my most favourite thing.

I run most mornings, sometimes a bush track, sometimes the beach. I practice yoga everyday and try to spend as much of the day outside as I can.

I will either be shooting or meeting with people or brands at some point of the day, but I fill my hours up in between with things that make me happy- a good breakfast, a hike, swimming in the sea, cooking dancing or painting. I don’t have too many routines- I like to shake it up.

Dream days are always travelling some place exotic.

This year, you and your partner Mitch Gobel began to share your personal stories through social media to encourage and inspire others about sex and self-awareness. Did you ever think you would be responsible for forging such a path in a discussion in a topic that is often considered quite taboo?

Mitch and I often create and write together, and sex is a huge part of our relationship. We did a journal entry one night after a particularly steamy afternoon, and we read it to each other and got a little excited and inspired by it. Writing our experiences down actually opened up communication between us and gave us an insight into how the other half felt during sex.

Our sex life has never been better. We decided others might enjoy and be inspired by it. This is an honest connection and sensation, and I love writing about it.

Just as Instagram has served as a platform for you to connect with others and share your stories, it has also been a significant figure in the attempted suppression of your voice on topics that they feel go against their guidelines. What is your relationship with social media, and how do you see your relationship evolving in the future?

It’s an incredible feeling to inspire thousands, and share my journey. Of course it affects my living a bit, I have always been doing this but now it’s just all documented.

Mitch and I both we kind of shocked when our creativity was getting reported and taken down. I guess I have never had to limit (myself) when it comes to being creative and having that taken away was a bit disappointing.

We are working together on writing a book bow so I guess we have turned negativity or an obstacle into an opportunity.

What inspires your creativity?

I pull inspiration from experiences, especially ones out of nature. It’s a wonderful teacher, powerful yet patient.

I have met some incredible people throughout my life that impact me, even change me and help me to understand more about life.

My yoga mentor Hayley Maynard has had a huge impact on the way I choose to live my life; and my partner Mitch Gobel is a constant inspiration in my life.

Painting for me is a beautiful process. My art represents the colours I have seen, the landscapes that I love, dreams and good vibrations. My art is happy and I think most people feel that when they look at it.

I’m painting using acrylics mostly, in a really fluid motion. I’m always inspired after practice (yoga). Yoga for me is being the best possible person I can be, and teaching allows me to share this and connect with wonderful people.

Modelling is also a really creative outlet for me. I enjoy the role-play and creating the story, I get really excited when shoots come out capturing that. I used to work alongside a photographer, so I enjoy the skill and beauty in that. Styling comes naturally, it’s something I have subconsciously been doing all my life.

What is individuality to you, and how do you continue to maintain your strong sense of self in a society that is only slowly starting to loosen its grip on conformity?

I think getting to know yourself should be ones most important task. Once you have that, you can’t lose it. Confidence is also something I talk a lot about and value as an important attribute.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

I just really want to teach people how to be happy.

How do you hit the reset button when you are lacking inspiration or motivation?

Nature. Good company. Music. Adrenaline. Anything that gets my blood pumping gets me motivated.

What are your favourite pieces hanging in your wardrobe and why do love them so?

The way you dress is creative, it’s a way to bring beauty to the world- it can change your day and mood. I like to channel how I feel and be authentic.

Usually it involves a lot of accessories-gypsy jingles, hats, rings, headbands, belts etc. I love vintage to be honest, I shop at op shops, alter my clothes and most of my outfits have been sourced from my travels. I have kick ass African vests, Indian saris and band shirts from Japan.

How do you define freedom?

I don’t think it can be defined. It’s completely up to the individual. For me its nudity, creativity, no plans, getting lost in the moment, in nature and forgetting the time.


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Fast Five Q and A

If you could live a day in the life of somebody past or present, who would it be?

I’m in love with Erin Wasson.

Most boundary-pushing thing you have ever done? Public or personal.

I’m pushing boundaries all the time. I’ll break and enter to get an epic view. I say what’s on my mind. My posts on Instagram. Whatever, if your not pushing your not growing.

Playlist you would put on to feel inspired?

Old school rock and roll. The Stones, Jimi (Hendrix), Led Zeppelin.

Favourite breakfast?

A mango smoothie bowl with all the toppings.

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Oh you don’t want to know. It’s not really PG.


Way to leave us wanting more, girl.


All imagery created and supplied by Sally Mustang.