5 Minutes with...Indiarose Thompson


If supermodels Cindy Crawford and Miranda Kerr had a mad love affair, the byproduct would certainly be miss Indiarose Thompson. With doll like features and brows to set hearts on fire, this 17 year old is well on her way to It-girl status.
Arriving on set looking like absolute effortlessness personified in a crop top made from little brother’s t-shirt, we knew our girl crush had reached new heights. With over 19k Instagram followers tracking her #beachbabelife at @Indiaroza, we are certainly not her only admirers!
We recently hung out with Indiarose in her hometown of Byron Bay, where we shot her for our debut Lost in Lunar campaign. Sitting down for a quick chat, we discussed her cooler than cool personal style, dream jobs and why chocolate is just so damned good!

What was the last thing you bought?

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

What is your favourite piece from today’s shoot?

I loved the Cartel Cutout dress!

A trend you love?

Big baggy pants and t-shirts.

A trend you hate? 

I can’t stand platform sandals.

What would be your dream job if you weren’t modelling?

A physiotherapist at a dance school, because I love dance! Even if I don’t make it as a dancer myself, then I would still be able to be involved in the school and get to work with all the other talented dancers.

One thing people may not know about you?

I do Muay Thai (kick boxing).

What’s your ultimate indulgence?

Chocolate, always chocolate.

Your style is…

Really laidback, quite tomboy. It’s very much “ I just got out of bed and I look like crap but it’s okay”. (We have to disagree with her on that one- the girl couldn’t look bad if she tried!).

On a Sunday morning we would find you…

Sleeping or on the beach.

Favorite snack?

Avocado on toast.

Fast 5
Sweet or Savory?
Boyfriend jeans or Skinny jeans?
Boyfriend jeans all the way.
Lips or brows?
Coffee or Juice?
Byron or New Zealand?
Byron, New Zealand is too cold!


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